About the iR37

Non-contact Infrared thermometer

Facial Recognition: Adopts the global leading face recognition algorithm to detect a human face, with adjustable thresholds, which can support face recognition (off by default) even when an individual may be wearing a mask. The information stored (for identity retrieval) is the property of the owner of the equipment and is not shared with any third party.

Temperature Detection: is carried out by a medical accuracy non-touch infrared body temperature detection module.

Industry Leader: ultrasonic real-time dynamic distance sensor to ensure the most effective temperature capturing distance.

Customizable safe temperature range can be programmed. When temperature is abnormal, the system will automatically display and alarm you and the individual. 

Android Operating System:  Adopts the mature industrial graded Android RK3288 mainboard, a powerful platform to ensure stable operation of the device.

Integration:  Provision of SDK secondary development package (free of charge) and users can integrate the device into their own application e.g. – Support standard door opening output signal, RS485, switching amount, can transmit the data under operators remit to other access/refusal logging control equipment and/or datasets. 


Dynamic Camera with wide range and LED flashlight: ensures the ability to capture a clear image in a low ambient light environment.

Flexibility to support cloud &/or local identification as determined by the client, site/ GDPR/ local laws.

Storage:  Supports the storage of more than 10,000 faces, support live detection, and recognition speed typically ~ 0.4sec.

Installation:  Various installation scenarios: wall hanging, turnstile, and free-standing.

Two Year Manufacturer's Replacement Warranty Included  

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iR37 is proud to be part of TCU Athletics first line of venue safety & health screening.   


Placed at all gates, iR37 is helping manage all home Horned Frogs events

Thank you TCU Athletics for entrusting iR37 with your fan and athlete health screening safety.  

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Touchless Tournaments


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A new technology, the iR37, is a contactless solution for venues looking for a first line of defense against the virus. This touchless, infrared thermometer system has the capability of taking guest temperatures in seconds and granting or denying entry based on whether they fall within a safe threshold. 

By Zoe Strozewski


It's going extremely well for us! We've been able to utilize it in our screening process on a daily basis with our student-athletes entering the weight room. In the afternoon, it's relocated to our stadium for our track team to get screened before their practice. 

It's helped tremendously with our check-in efficiency because we screen all athletes, every day before entering our facilities for workouts.

Conner Moreno

Senior Associate AD – Internal Operations

Lion Athletics

Texas A&M University-Commerce

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